We provide a wide range of facility supporting our customers safety.

  1. The Practice Facility caters to riders of all levels by offering a motocross track that is both safe and challenging to beginning and professional riders.
  2. The width and diversity of this track allows riders of all ages and skill to enjoy the track at their own pace.
  3. With its constantly changing terrain level, the Practice Facility track is natural, smooth, and  demanding due to the  multitude of obstacles and the soil’s varying transition from loam, to clay, to loose soil.
  4.  Additionally, riders will have to navigate a series of obstacles that include table top jumps, a big rhythm section, a single & double jump and a big finishing jump.
  5. The center includes washing stations for cleaning your bike and shower facilities for cleaning yourself.
  6. We also offer an on-site cafeteria when you’re in need of a pit stop, as well as a burger van if you fancy a quick snack on the move.